The medical specialist is wearing a white shirt and has long dark brown hair. Her black eyes glow. Marta González Sánchez is responsible for skin cancer screening, tumor surgery, laser therapies, photodynamic therapy, phlebology and much more.
Company logo of private practice of Dermatology, Allergology, Phlebology in Frankfurt / Main. The logo is affixed as a plot on a glass case. The Logo of the practice are structures in the colors white, light blue and brown.

Dr. med. Marta González Sánchez

Curriculum Vitae: Dr. med. Marta González Sánchez

Medical Specialist for Dermatology, Phlebology


  1. Universität La Laguna, Teneriffa
  2. Universität Libre de Bruxelles, Belgien
  3. Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn
  4. Promotion an der Universität Freiburg

Specialist Training

  1. Venenzentrum Freiburg
  2. Dermatologie Universitäts-Hautklinik Freiburg

Practice Areas

  1. Skin cancer screening with computer-asssited analysis
  2. Traditional and Surgical Dermatology, Tumor Surgery
  3. Laser Therapy
  4. Medical Cosmetics
  5. Aesthetic Dermatology
  6. Pediatric Dermatology
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Hair consultation


  1. Deutsche Phlebologische Gesellschaft (DPG)
  2. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mesotherapie

Studies / Education / Diploma

  1. Specialized Training Phlebology
  2. Carrying out of various clinical trials in dermatology and phlebology
  3. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training