Female patient in dermatological practice for non-invasive and minimally invasive facial & body treatments in Frankfurt am Main. The woman with a healthy facial complexion looks at the doctor who is examining her skin.
The dermatologist Dötterer-Rieg examines the skin of a patient after a dermatological treatment. The satisfied patient looks at the doctor. The doctor holds a mirror in her hand and feels the patient's facial skin.

Aesthetic Dermatology

Improve appearance without unnatural changes

Our goal in aesthetic dermatology is to enhance your appearance without changing you unnaturally. We use gentle methods to correct and remove small imperfections such as wrinkles, hair, enlarged veins, age changes or undesired fat deposits. For excellent aesthetic results, we combine treatment methods customised to your skin and its needs (e.g. modern gentle laser, Mesotherapy, etc.) with professional and innovative therapeutic agents and care products.

We offer a very wide range of the most advanced methods for non-invasive and minimally invasive facial and body treatment. In our Dermaesthetics Institute, we offer numerous other treatments and products in addition to the services shown here.