A modern medical laser system for skin treatments. Dr. med. Heidi Dötterer-Rieg treats the patient with various diode lasers, Erbium-YAG laser, laser with fractionated handpiece, KTP laser and ruby laser.
An elderly female patient with sunburned complexion. A dermatologist in the field of dermatology in Frankfurt examines the facial skin of this person. The doctor will make an analysis for the later skin treatments.

Troublesome Skin Lesions

Unwanted skin growths

No face is perfectly proportioned. Some flaws can be quite attractive (e.g.: Marilyn Monroe's mole). However, such skin growths are not always desirable. Possible troublesome skin lesions include warts, pigmentation, facial veins (rosacea), haemangioma, fibroma, and raised moles, for example.


First it is necessary to analyse the lesions, and in particular to determine whether they are benign. Some forms of skin cancer look confusingly similar to benign lesions. They can then easily be removed with the right technology and usually without any scarring. There are different types of treatments for each type of skin lesion. We often use specialised lasers for this and can therefore achieve good results without cuts and stitches. The resulting small wounds will heal normally after a few days.