A consultation in the dermatological private practice Dr. med. Dötterer-Rieg. The rooms are bright, two people sit in the medical consultation room. A doctor advises a patient on the topic of venous and phlebology.
Patient is examined with color coded duplex sonography based on ultrasound. The ultrasound device is held by the specialist for venous treatment along the leg.

Veins Consultation

Study with highly specialized diagnostic procedures

In our veins consultation veins are analyzed by highly specialized diagnostic procedures:

  1. Color-coded duplex sonography (based on ultrasound)
  2. Electronic light examination of the skin-venous flow (photoplethysmography)

With these methods disturbances in the blood circulation and leaking venous valves can be visualized. The investigation of the vein is completely risk-free and painless.

The results provide a comprehensive picture about the condition of your veins and enable a statement about the optimal treatment method.