A patient in a skin examination. A specialist for skin diseases examines the skin of a patient. The patient is dressed in white and is in a bright room of the dermatologist's office.
Dermatologist examines the skin of a neurodermatitis patient. It illuminates the skin under an incident light microscope. An individual treatment plan for neurodermatitis therapy is prepared on the basis of the individual diagnosis of the patient's skin.


Treatment of Neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis (atopic eczema, atopic dermatitis) is a very common inflammatory skin disease and its occurrence continues to increase in Germany. Often moist, inflamed skin areas appear associated with intense itching already in infancy. Patient with neurodermatitis often suffer from allergies (e.g. pollen, house dust and food). Therefore, an allergological clarification is often necessary with neurodermitis treatment.

Dr. med. Doetterer-Rieg is an accomplished neurodermatitis trainer. We treat neurodermatitis holistically. Different treatment options are always taken into consideration:

  1. Allergological clarification
  2. Measures for the treatment of itching
  3. Measures to strengthen the skin barrier
  4. Advice for care
  5. Consultation on nutrition